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Bleecker System

Our BLEECKER System helps companies that work in a complex industrial environmentimproving the traceability control of their goods within their internal logistics processes.

We offer a solution:

  • ▪ Easy and economic to implement
  • ▪ Multi-code readings in long distance and in motion
  • ▪ Reading in any industrial scenario

Productivity increase and cost reduciton:

  • ▪ 20% loading/unloading time reduction
  • ▪ Rejection percentage down to 0%

Zebra - Bleecker Code

Problems that we resolve

The correct identification of a product is key to traceability management in any industry.

Visual codes such as Bar codes or QR codes:

Barcode/QR examples

Problems: Low level of efficiency as they require an operator to use a reading device and read each code, one by one.

RFID Technology (radiofrequency technology):


Problems: Limited Reading in some scenarios and high cost of infrastructure.

These methods are not capable of offering an efficient and adequate solution in complex logistics processes at a competitive cost.

How do we solve them

Bleecker codes


Printable on any material

Bleecker camera


Multiple and in-motion reading
Continuous and real-time analysis
Reading in all kind of scenarios

Bleecker server


Comprehensive server-side management
Well-defined APIs available

Our proposal

Optimize traceability for costs reduction.

Our proposal with the Bleecker system in your logistic plant offers:

  • ▪ Easy & fast installation
  • ▪ Custom and adaptable system
  • ▪ Patented technology and equipment
  • ▪ Installation verification and validation
  • ▪ Complete maintenance service


Complementary solutions

Bleecker AR App: Complement your Bleecker system with Augmented Reality technology

Bleecker VAR: Recognizes pallets, their content and dimensions, in motion and real-time

Bleecker Stock: Mobile system mounted on a forklift for Inventory Control

Our End-Users

Main Office

CEEIM – Centro Europeo de Empresas e Innovación de Murcia
Campus Universitario de Espinardo, 7, 30100 Espinardo, Murcia.

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